Nico Bistolfi

Nico Bistolfi

CEO at @piiojs. Rule #32 advocate. Alumnus @AngelPad #12.
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Co-Founder & CEO at Piio, Inc. We are automating web performance & delivery, allowing websites to efficiently deliver fast and scalable experiences to their users, combining front-end technology, with networking and infrastructure solutions in one service. Piio can reduce 20x the data transfer to end users and increase page speed by 3x.

More about me, I am a creative, self-taught, pragmatic, and innovative person. I always try to do my best and push my capabilities to the limit. I love to work in a team with high standards and cooperation.

I studied Computer Science, but I was never focused on college since my work environment always pushed me in another direction. I dropped out and decided to focus on what I love to do, building startups.

A touch screen technology company was my first try, and it was a wonderful unsuccessful trip. After we decided to shut down the company, I co-founded woOw (exited in 2015), the most prominent e-commerce site in my country; we went from 0 to 150 people in 3 years and a record of $25M in annual revenue.

I am also proud to be a former CTO of GlamST, an omnichannel solution for beauty brands that allows women to try on makeup from anywhere. I helped in the early stage, and recently they've been acquired by Ulta Beauty.

Now I am running Piio, a company that aims to develop technology that helps with the automation of web performance & content delivery.

I am a proud father of a cute dog called Guida. I love to build things; I built a race car with my father and a dry container beach house with my wife. I sometimes paint with oil on canvas, love fishing, cars, and football.